Enterprise Leased Line Internet Connection

Gazon India provides you with Enterprise Leased Line Internet Solutions on robust mesh network topology . It is perfectly suited for businesses that depend on 100% connectivity and the lines don’t suffer from shared bandwidth. Shared lines with multiple users lead to a lot of inefficiencies. With dedicated bandwidth, the businesses are now able to address all the needs of high speed communication and collaboration.

With proactive monitoring and Enterprise Service Level Agreement, Gazon India is a perfect partner for all your data consumption needs. Because of our constant effort on delivering the services to the last mile, Gazon India assures the users of almost zero downtime.

What Our Customers Says

We are using Gazon Internet from last 2 years now. I have very good experience with Gazon for following parameters; Uptime, response time, NOC support and of course overall service experience as enterprise customer.

Gazon has provided me 99.5% SLA and during my service period with Gazon they have never faltered on their SLA. I rate them best service provider in city.

Gazon has provided internet on last mile fiber connectivity on very competitive pricing. We have experienced very good support from NOC as well as from their service team over last 3 years now. I rate 10/10 for Gazon Communications.

John Bean Technologies

The most satisfied service I got from Gazon in last 1 year. From installation, till now I have never face any major issue. Thank you for your best support Gazon.

Appreciate Gazon Communications for their best latency and 99.5% SLA what they deliver.

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