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Internet Protocol Television

The need to deliver IPTV as part of a triple-play bundle is no longer in question for service providers around the world. Increased competition from mobile service providers, internet telephony services and the entry of cable companies into the telecom market, all contribute to the continued attrition in ARPU and customer churn. The open question now is not whether to go into IPTV, but how fast, at what cost, and how to overcome the new challenges encountered by a business. Turning a page in the book of technological implementation, we have driven the concept of integration to a newer level. A paradigm shift from conventional technologies, "IPTV" breaks away from the traditional definition of a television service provider and a telecom service provider. It seamlessly integrates both of them, limitlessly pushing the list of services that can be offered on the existing platform.

End-to-End solution for IPTV:
1. Headend, VOD, DRM, Service Management, Billing required at the Network Operating Centre (NOC) level
2. Comprehensive Content Management Tools for classification, Selection, etc.
3. Middleware
4. IP-STB, the Customer Premises Equipment