Gazon India has a plethora of services on offer helping you to connect with the globe, real-time. With a 24x7 service engineers at your service, you can now enjoy unperturbed services in the comfort of your homes or offices.

Gazon India offers world class multi-gigabit and a solid IP infrastructure available through our wide-spread fibre optic cables. This technology enables us to provide lightning fast internet for HD video streaming or somebody who loves to just surf the world wide web, Now consuming information has become just as easy as accessing it!

Gazon India provides dedicated internet leased lines delivered over fibre, which provides full symmetrical speeds. Due to this, there will be no sharing of bandwidth which enables everybody to access the speed that was promised. With a dedicated line and dedicated account managers, the issues will be resolved almost immediately.

Gazon India is changing the way how teachers teach and students learn. With Wi-Fi hotspots through extensive bandwidth controls made available to the administrator, costing will never be a problem now. Also, with different package creation, teachers and students can access content according to their needs.

Fibre to the Home is a direct cable laid from the central point till directly the establishment i.e. the home or office. Due to Fibre To The Home (FTTH), the speed remains unaffected upto 100 Mbps, especially useful for heavy users. Now, watching a HD movie without buffer is a reality!

With Voice and Data integration, Gazon India allows the user to create a stronger and meaningful environment at home or office. This helps in combining the data as well as voice in a single platform for communication. Now chat or video call with your people across the globe without any breakages.

Gazon India also helps in adding Hardware Firewalls in your organization that protects you from DoS, DDoS and IP Spoofing attacks keeping the organization and the files extremely safe and secure. With hassle-free and safe internet, now surfing the web has become a boon for a user.

Gazon India has been a pioneer in network routing making it possible for your data to move through the fastest route possible without any breakages in the link. With features such as antivirus and intrusion prevention systems, our business firewalls increase the level of security within the business environment enhancing the level of protection.

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