MPLS / VPN / Local Loop Connectivity

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TYSPL with an extensive domestic network that reaches almost every district in Maharashtra, TYSPL enables Corporate to extend their applications to the remotest part of the country. TYSPL's IP/MPLS network is a carrier grade infrastructure built, using state-of-the-art networking equipment. TYSPL is geared to provide Bandwidth on demand, Video Conferencing, Voice Over IP (VoIP) and a host of other value added services that could revolutionize the way a corporate business works. The entire network is connected over high-speed fiber backbone and offers multiple access technology options including wireless to the last mile. This unique approach allows customers to get connected quickly and easily with very short time lead, eliminating many of the hindrances encountered in traditional copper-based last mile connectivity provided by incumbent service providers.

Benefits of TYSPL IP Backbone using MPLS Technology:

Highest redundancy levels to ensure no single point of failure.
Highest levels of scalability to handle both geographic expansions and bandwidth growth.
Flexibility in solution design, implementation and expansion through the use of multiple technologies.
End-to-end assured network security.
End-to-end assured quality of service making IT possible.